Thank you from your winner – Stacey!

Ah hello!

Just got round to writing a thank you message to everyone since I’ve been busy since Friday! I would like to thank the students that took part – because of course the event wouldn’t have worked without you. You were amazing! It’s so good that you were all so inquisitive, stay that way and you’re sure to have bright futures ahead of you! A main topic I was asked about in the live chats was gender equality, I know that engineering can be male-dominated in some fields, but as a young female myself, I hope that I have motivated some girls into going forth with engineering as a career. I hope that it has made you more aware of engineering, but at the same time, has made you realise we are normal people!

The event has been such a success. During the build up of the March event, I was a guest speaker a Herts County Council meeting about apprenticeships. It was concluded that school children are more likely to confidently speak online about their future, and how a lot of teachers needed guidance in terms of apprenticeships. This event was perfect for that – I’ll be sure to recommend it to local schools and the other apprentices on my course.

I can’t believe I won, of course it wasn’t all about the winning, but that’s just a nice extra 😛 I love explaining my story of the past year to current students as I was in a tricky situation a year ago when I didn’t know whether or not I should be going to university. This is another plus to being an apprentice at the moment! I worked so hard in the first week to wiggle my way into every live chat and the event was a real challenge because it was hard to find an answer to some of the questions. I think the event has helped me in terms of understanding myself – and I will definitely be able to answer any future interview questions that get thrown at me!

It was an honour to work alongside my competition in the Apprentice Zone, and it was great speaking to some engineers in others zones. Thank you to the Mod’s for organising the event, I hope everyone found it as useful as I did!

(Just to let you know, my idea for a competition with a prize school trip is going ahead, I’m already in contact with the school!)


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