• Question: Do you have any siblings/relatives who also work in engineering?

    Asked by I Love Brownies to Huw, Gosha, Stacey, Steve on 18 Mar 2015.
    • Photo: Gosha Barzowska

      Gosha Barzowska answered on 18 Mar 2015:

      Hey I love Brownies! I thought you used your questions allowance 😛 haha
      I have a younger brother you studies electronics and robotics and actually just achieved his Bachelor Degree and he’s been offered a job in the American company! I am so proud of him 🙂

    • Photo: Steve Cox

      Steve Cox answered on 18 Mar 2015:

      Quite a few of my family were telecommunications engineers and my brother is still doing that job.

    • Photo: Huw Williams

      Huw Williams answered on 18 Mar 2015:

      My Uncle is an Electrical Engineer, he’s working with Jaguar Land Rover to develop their latest Hybrid and Electric Vehicles.


    • Photo: Stacey Cutten

      Stacey Cutten answered on 19 Mar 2015:

      Nope not at all! My mum works in Catering whilst my dad drives petrol tanks. I’m the eldest of my siblings, my 16 year old sister wants to be a midwife and my 12 year old sister currently wants to marry Michael Clifford from 5SOS (if you know who that is!)…. So, i’m the first 😛