• Question: How do you become an areospace and what grade do you need?

    Asked by Ibby U to Gosha on 15 Mar 2015.
    • Photo: Gosha Barzowska

      Gosha Barzowska answered on 15 Mar 2015:

      The first thing you need to consider is taking Maths, Physics and English at your GCSE’s and A-levels and obtain good grades. Once this is done, you have two choices: apply to University or become an apprentice like I did. It is also useful (in both cases) to have some extra curriculum activities in your portfolio as well – like taking part in science competitions or events etc. Then you should be ready to submit an application to University or for an Apprenticeship. It is always useful to attend career events where you can meet Uni representatives and employers to find out more about what they offer.
      Wish you good luck! Remember to keep an eye on your grades as they are key to your future career. 🙂