• Question: How long have you been an engineer?

    Asked by 329appb39 to Huw, Stacey on 10 Mar 2015. This question was also asked by Donkey123.
    • Photo: Huw Williams

      Huw Williams answered on 10 Mar 2015:

      I started my apprenticeship at 18 when I joined Rolls-Royce, I’m 22 now so that was 4 years ago. it’s gone so fast you wouldn’t believe it! I’m still only at the very beginning of my career and I have a lot more to learn along the way.

      Huw 🙂

    • Photo: Stacey Cutten

      Stacey Cutten answered on 13 Mar 2015:

      I only started my apprenticeship in October 2014 and I’m still 18, so much like Huw, I’m still at the very very beginning of my career! 🙂