• Question: What are the different types of engineering?

    Asked by I Love Brownies to Huw, Gosha, Ray, Stacey, Steve on 16 Mar 2015.
    • Photo: Steve Cox

      Steve Cox answered on 16 Mar 2015:

      There are so many branches of engineering it’s difficult to list them all.

      For instance you can be a Mechanical Engineer, an Electrical Engineer, an Electronics Engineer a Civil (or Construction) engineer, a Chemical Engineer, a Materials Engineer, a Manufacturing Engineer, an Automotive Engineer, an Aeronautical Engineer……….. the list goes on and on.

      It’s best to enter the engineering field that interests you the most, which is usually down to what it is you like making/creating.

    • Photo: Stacey Cutten

      Stacey Cutten answered on 16 Mar 2015:

      I can’t answer this question without repeating what Steve said, I wouldn’t have worded it better myself! You can pretty much find an engineer in any design/science based industry… Probably best to research it in relation to your favourite subjects! 🙂

    • Photo: Huw Williams

      Huw Williams answered on 16 Mar 2015:

      Don’t forget Structural Engineers 🙂


    • Photo: Gosha Barzowska

      Gosha Barzowska answered on 18 Mar 2015:

      There are loads – best way to explore them is through this website: http://www.aboriginalaccess.ca/adults/types-of-engineering