• Question: What has been the most exciting/enjoyable experience of your career in engineering so far?

    Asked by I Love Brownies to Huw, Gosha, Ray, Stacey, Steve on 16 Mar 2015.
    • Photo: Steve Cox

      Steve Cox answered on 16 Mar 2015:

      Driving, or being driven, very fast around a test track was always very exciting, you could do things on a track that you would never do on the public roads.

      If you ever get a chance to go on a proper 4×4 driving experience do take it. Finding out how Land Rovers cope with the most extremes of terrain, rivers and gradients is incredible for anyone to experience.

      What’s enjoyable is meeting new people all the time as you take on different projects

    • Photo: Ray Butchart

      Ray Butchart answered on 16 Mar 2015:

      If I look back I think that the time I was operating out of Nicosia, Cyprus, and as an electrician I was tasked to repair a helicopter with a major fuel problem. I diagnosed it was down to the fuel capacitor units; which ones was another matter but time was of the essence. As there were 6 capacitor ‘belts’ I informed my engineering officer and it was agreed that I would change all 6.

      3 days later all done. (remember it was nearly 40C in the sun) Once refuelled and calibrated I signed it serviceable. The ‘boss’ then said good now come with me we are going to fly together if you think it is safe! I did and we had a great hour flying and he taught me how to fly a helicopter. Now that is engineering!

    • Photo: Huw Williams

      Huw Williams answered on 16 Mar 2015:

      The best experience I’ve had so far in my career is seeing the brand new Airbus A350-XWB powered by our engines flying a low pass over Derby. The atmosphere of the crowd of engineers was amazing seeing years of hard work come to life.

      Certainly an awesome machine especially when it’s only 1000 ft above your head!

      Huw 🙂

    • Photo: Gosha Barzowska

      Gosha Barzowska answered on 18 Mar 2015:

      I think as an Apprentice, having an opportunity to move around the business (chanign departments every 3 months) has been the best so far. Not everyone has an opportunity to experiance so many different aspects of engineering as we have. It is great to move from desing in the office, to 3D prining in the workshop, back to the office to do some numerical analysis, the in the workshop again performing tests…etc. ! its being great so far 😉

    • Photo: Stacey Cutten

      Stacey Cutten answered on 18 Mar 2015:

      Sorry I’ve taken a while to reply!

      At the moment, the most exciting experience was probably my first day on site. I had so much to learn and was meeting so many new people… Was a big fresh start! As my current project is due to finish this week, if we get to handover the project on time I’m sure that will be a great experience. 😀