• Question: what is your aspiration objective towards your carier what do you wish to accomplish?

    Asked by bailey to Stacey, Ray on 11 Mar 2015. This question was also asked by 424appb42, Tem&Av, Katie❤️.
    • Photo: Stacey Cutten

      Stacey Cutten answered on 11 Mar 2015:

      After my apprenticeship and after I have earned a degree, I hope to work towards chartered engineer status. Whilst working I would like to join the army reserves as a design engineer team officer, which helps towards chartered status. They should be able to send me to other countries to work on transportation projects. The absolute dream would be to live in America or Japan for a couple of years whilst working on a disaster management project (e.g. building for earthquakes, eeeeek!)… If this fails then at least a flood management project in the UK! At some point in my life I would like to achieve a recognised award for something and also build my own house.

      That’s the dream anyway… I did say I was ambitious hahaha! 😛

    • Photo: Ray Butchart

      Ray Butchart answered on 16 Mar 2015:

      Interesting question for someone who is on their ‘wind-down’; ie retiring soon.

      Still, I have managed to work in some interesting situations both home and abroad for the RAF and the Rail Industry.

      Worked in various locations around Britian, Cyprus, Falkland Islkands and Germany with the RAF. Have sport dived around the world and carrying out Marine Biology surveys and marine photography. Part of team that raised a WWII bomber from a Norwegian lake. (Aircraft is now in RAF Museum)

      Whilst working in within the rail industry based in Genoa for an Italian company, Braunschweig for a German company and Paris where I worked with a French company carrying out development of training materials of speciaalist signalling control systems. Was technical author for one foreign company.
      Time well spent! 🙂