• Question: When you were younger, did you ever invent anything crazy or inventive which was unique

    Asked by 433appb37 to Huw, Gosha, Ray, Stacey, Steve on 17 Mar 2015.
    • Photo: Huw Williams

      Huw Williams answered on 17 Mar 2015:

      My friends and I used to get up to all sorts of things when we were younger, non of our inventions were much good or worked particularly well but we had god fun whilst messing about in sheds learning how things worked.

      One that stands out for me is using an old push bike and an electric motor from a car windscreen wiper to make a winch so we could build a treehouse. Not very grand mind you it was a few pallets lashed to some branches but the winch was excellent for lifting food and drink supplies.


    • Photo: Stacey Cutten

      Stacey Cutten answered on 18 Mar 2015:

      In DT at school I always had a tendency to design and make weird things. The thing the stayed the same throughout my designs was that I believed everything should be multi-purpose. I made a hand-shaped cushion that supported your head when it was stuck to a window or a hard surface – to help find a comfortable sleeping position on public transport. This doubled up as a phone holder. I also made a coffee table that doubled up as a cushioned footstool by pulling a few levers.

      … I don’t know if any of that just made sense.

    • Photo: Gosha Barzowska

      Gosha Barzowska answered on 18 Mar 2015:

      When I was younger I like to strip things apart and try to connect two or more toys together – I used to build my own ‘transformers’! I think I still shoudl have one or two back home. 🙂 Also, I was and I still am making Christmas presents for my family – whether it is a coaster or personalised picture frame – I think it is from the heart with makes it more special 🙂

    • Photo: Steve Cox

      Steve Cox answered on 20 Mar 2015:

      I’m not sure I’ve ever invented anything crazy, but we all dream about crazy things at times but never take them any further, and maybe that’s a shame!

      Some of the best inventions came about as a result of someone trying to invent something completely.