• Question: where did you go to college and how did they help you succeed in your current job?

    Asked by cwmcdt to Ray on 22 Mar 2015.
    • Photo: Ray Butchart

      Ray Butchart answered on 22 Mar 2015:

      First college was at Bridgend in S Wales where I took my ONC (BTech) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Started my HNC in same subject but was sent to Cyprus with the RAF for two and half years. Unfortunately unable to complete HNC when I was there or after I returned. When at RAF Leconfield (Beverley) I started BTech in Business Studies with Finance and Law, followed by C&G IT (Spreadsheets and Databasing), then HNC In Business Studies. When I returned back from being in Germany I sat my C&G in Instructional Techniques, C&G D32 in Assess candidtae Performance. Then C&G in Technical Authorship. Lots of night classes! All of these were P/T courses whilst working full time. Yes, they definitely helped me with my current job. I knew how to write technical manuals, technical training courses and formally assess students on training courses.